Cape Town Week Four

This week we went to a farm and we rode on camels and I got to hold a snake, but I wasn’t too keen when it wrapped around my neck.

we also went to a beach with penguins and I climbed on rocks and I could see almost the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Molly Laughton

Molly Laughton

My Name is Molly Laughton - and I have moved to Cape Town for the year.

4 Responses to Cape Town Week Four

  1. Katie, Milli and Zack Katie, Milli and Zack says:

    Hey Molly! so lovely to read all the exciting news and see the amazing pics on your brilliant blog darling. Glad you’re all having such a great adventure, big kisses to you all, lots of love katie, archie, zack and especially milli (who mentions you almost every day!!) xxx

  2. Grandma Grandma says:

    Oh Molly I have just taken out my winter boots and you folks are at the beach!! Don’t worry though I will have my flip flops and my swimsuit when we come to visit. We can’t wait. x

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