The Patient | Zoe Laughton

Sorry about this abuse of Molly’s Blog but had to find a way to update people about Zoe. We are looking better after a bad day yesterday when pneumonia was diagnosed.

So all has been better – but at the moment things are stable and the IV antibiotics are starting to click in. Doctors have been great and think that she may be home over the weekend and should have recovered from the extensive lower lobe pneumonia.

Anyway – the collective view is that Zoe is the best behaved, bravest child they’ve had in a long time. I’m sure they say that to everyone. Sorry that no individual replies at the moment as mum is fully entrenched in the hospital feeding herself after-eights to alleviate the stress.

Will update over the weekend when we know more but at the moment we have some way to go.

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Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

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13 Responses to The Patient | Zoe Laughton

  1. Mike Mike says:

    Poor wee Zoe, glad she is on the mend and hope she’s back to full fitness soon.

  2. Gail Cornick Gail Cornick says:

    Hello Zoe, well what a brave little girl! I’m so happy you’re feeling so much better you must have been feeling terrible!! Big squidgy cuddle and wet sloppy kiss must be given to you by your mummy from us Cornick’s. We love you so much and can’t wait to see you in 11 1/2 weeks!!!!!! Xxxx

    Ollie had his injection so that he could come out to see you this week, he only cried for 30 minutes after!! He would be so proud of you when he realises what you’ve had to go through in the hospital.


  3. katie katie says:

    darling zoe, so glad you’re on the mend precious girl, sending you lots of love and cuddles katie, archie, milli and zack xxxxxxx

  4. davidroberts says:

    Zoe, it sound’s like you’ve been a brave wee girl. Get well soon!

  5. Niki Niki says:

    So glad you’re getting better gorgeous girl!
    Lots of love from Niki, Jamie, Annie & Luca

  6. Nicole Nicole says:

    Dear Zoe the brave! Did you know that your name means ‘life’ and ‘liveliness’ in Greek? That must be why you have been so bouncy throughout this! Keep smiling and laughing, it will help you have a quick recovery. Lots of love – Dee, Takis, Nicole & Andreas

  7. manoj manoj says:

    Hope you are feeling better. you now need to get Daddy to but you lots of sweets so you can better quickly.
    lots of love from the Shah’s.
    x ! x

  8. Emma Thistleton-Smith Emma Thistleton-Smith says:

    Dear Zoe,
    Really sorry to hear that you have been poorly, that’s tough, but I hear you have been very brave. We wish you a super speedy recovery and send a big fat healing hug to your mummy, she must be pretty exhausted.
    Love Leo and Daisy xxx

  9. Bel Bel says:

    ZOE!!im so sad to hear you have been so ill!However you still look so cute and full of energy in all of your photos!you are so very brave you cutie!We all wish you a very speedy recovery and i hope no more illnesses for a lifetime!SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU. xxxxx

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