Zoe in recovery mode Part 1

Tiny steps forward. Still not great in the morning but we took her out in the afternoon to the swings and the lucky girl also had an action packed visit to the supermarket. Talk about drama and excitement  – Her dumb ass father even lost the parking ticket.

Really has been a day of nothing but waiting around to see small signs of improvement. The whole situation is made worse by the fact that both mother and daughter are slowly losing their marbles on the hospital ward. A strange acceptance of the pecking order was the first sign …. I went in and started (in a pathetic/lame fatherly way ) to try and make Zoe laugh …. wife’s response was “Make sure matron doesn’t hear you”.

Hoping to get her home tomorrow after her dose of IV antibiotics and then Monday is her last day of medical treatment. Father is well dosed up every evening as a coping mechanism – as I am sure someone, somewhere will understand.

She is getting better – it was just a bad case of pneumonia.


Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Molly's father and impatient blogger. Further details on his Google Plus profile.

4 Responses to Zoe in recovery mode Part 1

  1. Gail Cornick Gail Cornick says:

    You do not make a poorly little girl laugh at your ( bad ) Donald’s duck impression Mr Laughton xxx

  2. Gail Cornick Gail Cornick says:


  3. katie katie says:

    so lovely to see you eat and hear you laugh at daddy’s donald! looking forward to seeing lots more laughing zoe. lots of love to you and to molly and joseph. xxx

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