Zoe’s Fourth Birthday

Zoe turned four yesterday and we celebrated with an oversized bouncy castle and a tonne of friends from her school and surrounding.

Quote of the day “but Daddy I’ve only had four pieces of cake” ……….

The swimming pool shot of the ‘MegaBomb’ is a personal favourite of her father.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Molly's father and impatient blogger. Further details on his Google Plus profile.

2 Responses to Zoe’s Fourth Birthday

  1. katie katie says:

    Looks like a fantastic party, that cake looks amazing and can’t believe how grown up gorgeous Zoe is. I seem to remember someone elses birthday is in march, I wonder who that could be…….hope you’re all good, lots of love to you all xxxxx ps can you teach us to fly through the air one day please?!?

  2. Molly Laughton Molly Laughton says:

    I think i know whose birthday it is. It’s mine!!!! And very soon too. On my birthday I’m going to go to a cafe where you can paint things and you can get ice-cream. mmmmmmmmm.

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