Ancient Civilisations Day

ancient-egypt-dayjulie-laughton-cape-town-086julie-laughton-cape-town-087julie-laughton-cape-town-088This week we had ancient civilisation day and we all had to dress up as ancient egyptians and wear costumes and make up. The top picture is of my whole class and my teacher miss Douglas. The other ones are me and my friends at school and one of me at home.

Molly Laughton

Molly Laughton

My Name is Molly Laughton - and I have moved to Cape Town for the year.

3 Responses to Ancient Civilisations Day

  1. katie katie says:

    You make a very pretty ancient Egyptian, you look soooo grown up Molly. Can’t believe you’re 8 in a few days, what are you planning for your birthday? Milli and I are sitting on the bed looking at all your lovely pictures where the sun is shining while it snows outside our flat! Hope you’re all well darling, lots of love xxx

    • Molly Laughton Molly Laughton says:

      It’s just been my birthday and I loved you card. It’s so pretty. I had a party at the clay cafe and on my actual birthday day we went to an elephant sanctuary and a monkey park which was really cool . Hope it’s not snowing any more. snowing in the middle of april!!!!!! it’s unbelievable!!!!!!!! xxxxx

  2. maddy maddy says:

    you are soooooooo pretty… almost didn’t realize that was you!! your as pretty as a movie star, you look a bit like katy perry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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