Muizenberg Water Slides | A Day of

At the weekend we went to the Muizenburg water slides and it took a long time to get there because most of the roads were blocked. Grandma and grandad took us because Mum and Dad were still away at their friends house and they were to come back that day. It was really fun and it was super sunny and hot so it was a perfect day. Zoe got a bit scared on the big one but she went on with grandad. My favourite one is the big slide because you come swooshing down into a huge pool of water. Grandad’s favourite was a thin one which Joseph was quite surprised he could fit in. It was a thin stream of water and he came splashing down and Grandma and the camera got splashed.


Molly Laughton

Molly Laughton

My Name is Molly Laughton - and I have moved to Cape Town for the year.

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