Zoe & Joe Laughton | Christmas Play 2013

Christmas play at the International School of Cape Town

Last week it was Joseph and Zoe’s christmas concert. Joseph was a shepherd and Zoe was an angel. It was very sweet and Zoe was concentrating very hard all of the time!

Molly Laughton

Molly Laughton

My Name is Molly Laughton - and I have moved to Cape Town for the year.

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  1. maddy maddy says:

    What did you do in school for Christmas at school?my school had a winter concert and on the last day we all had a sing-along assembly.Very cold here.got to -40!!!!!Brrr.I have a friend from the Carribean who moved to canada so she is shivering at -3.- is minus so its below zero a lot!! oh well,i’m going to Jamaica in feb so it’ll be WARM FOR ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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