Farewell to Cape Town


On the 13th February we said goodbye to Cape Town and moved back to England. We were quite sad to go and I cried at school when I said goodbye to my friends. I had a lot of friends for a sleepover just before we left and Dad took us to a BMX competition which was down the road and was extremely cool. The flight home was quite exhausting and I hardly got any sleep. It’s very exciting being back in England and seeing everyone. I started at my old school today and it was nice to see all my old friends but I still miss my friends in South Africa too. We will definitely go back and see everyone soon. The best thing about being in South Africa was making lots of new friends and also seeing all the wildlife. I also really miss swimming every day!


Julie Laughton

Julie Laughton

The ever patient maternal figure

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  1. maddy maddy says:

    I know what that feels like. I cried when I left london :(

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