Hout Bay The Sentinel

The Sentinel Walk Hout Bay

Today we went for a walk up a mountain. We walked across the mountain and saw the sea. We were walking with some other friends. We saw seal island which was full of seals, and looked really beautiful. On the way back everyone was a bit tired but it was really fun. You can see […]
Sooty with Molly & Zoe

Sooty | Our cat

We have a cat that adopted us. It was a stray cat and it came and stayed until Mum couldn’t bear it any longer and we took it to the vet to get checked and now we own it. It’s called Sooty and it sleeps on my bed underneath the covers. Dad wanted to call […]
The Laughtons walking in constantia

Walking in Constantia | Cape Town

These are some pictures of when we went walking with Grandma and Grandad when they came to see us in May.  

Horse Jumping in Hout Bay

At the weekend we went to the world championships of horse jumping, it was so cool!!!! All the jumps were higher than me!!!! But the ones I thought were the hardest were, one were you had to jump over a pool of water and one were you had to jump over a bridge as high […]

The Movie in Full

For the viewing public to enjoy. Molly and Joseph in their first film roles.

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