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Back to Cape Town 2015

Just back from holiday in South Africa seeing all our old friends – in Cape Town, Franschoek, Greyton & the Drakensburg Mountains. Wow! Enjoy the full story on my Dad’s website thing.

Farewell to Cape Town

On the 13th February we said goodbye to Cape Town and moved back to England. We were quite sad to go and I cried at school when I said goodbye to my friends. I had a lot of friends for a sleepover just before we left and Dad took us to a BMX competition which […]

Our last weekend away

At nearly our last weekend in South Africa we went to a place called Churchhaven which is in the West Coast National Park. We went as a family and we stayed in a house near the lagoon. When we went down to the lagoon there was some sand and if the tide was high enough […]

A waterfall that falls into the sea

When we were in the Transkei me and Dad went to see a few waterfalls that fell into the sea. The hike was 10 km and there were only a few of us there. At one bit we stopped and had a swim in a natural pool and if you swam under a little of […]

Our holiday in the Transkei

After Christmas we went on holiday with a few of Mum and Dad’s friends. We went to a place called the Transkei. It was very fun. Each family had a little house and we went fishing, kayaking, swimming and hiking. Me and Dad went on a hike to see a waterfall that fell into the […]


At Christmas we had a lovely time. Our Gran and Papa were here and I sewed special presents for them. Our friends Julian, Nathan and Taylor came for Christmas as well and it was really fun

My new (early) cousin!

Our new cousin was born on the 25th of November. He was 4 weeks early so we were all very surprised. His name is William Edward Innes. It’s Billy for short. I knitted him a blanket all by myself. I think that it looks very big on him!!!!!
Joseph Laughton

Zoe & Joe Laughton | Christmas Play 2013

Christmas play at the International School of Cape Town Last week it was Joseph and Zoe’s christmas concert. Joseph was a shepherd and Zoe was an angel. It was very sweet and Zoe was concentrating very hard all of the time!

Zoe and her friends

This is Zoe and her friends. They had their last playball lesson today and they all got given a huge lolly which made her feel a bit sick. Her friends names are Isabel, Katya and Zoe de Roo.
Dave Innes @ Muizenberg Water Slides

Muizenberg Water Slides | A Day of

At the weekend we went to the Muizenburg water slides and it took a long time to get there because most of the roads were blocked. Grandma and grandad took us because Mum and Dad were still away at their friends house and they were to come back that day. It was really fun and […]

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