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Horse Jumping in Hout Bay

At the weekend we went to the world championships of horse jumping, it was so cool!!!! All the jumps were higher than me!!!! But the ones I thought were the hardest were, one were you had to jump over a pool of water and one were you had to jump over a bridge as high […]

Mollys’ Hospital

At the moment I’ve set up a hospital in my drawer for butterflys, my most rescent one has been a butterfly with an broken wing, but it died last week because butterflys only live for around 13 days. But I really enjoyed looking after it. I gave it sugar water and put flwers all around […]

Cape Town Week Four

This week we went to a farm and we rode on camels and I got to hold a snake, but I wasn’t too keen when it wrapped around my neck. we also went to a beach with penguins and I climbed on rocks and I could see almost the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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