Outside Cape Town


Back to Cape Town 2015

Just back from holiday in South Africa seeing all our old friends – in Cape Town, Franschoek, Greyton & the Drakensburg Mountains. Wow! Enjoy the full story on my Dad’s website thing.

Our last weekend away

At nearly our last weekend in South Africa we went to a place called Churchhaven which is in the West Coast National Park. We went as a family and we stayed in a house near the lagoon. When we went down to the lagoon there was some sand and if the tide was high enough […]

Swimming in a waterfall

Today it is Joseph’s turn to write a blog! When we were on holiday we went on a little walk with our friends. We swam under a waterfall. Pete took me right underneath the waterfall and it was very sore! Molly and daddy weren’t there because they went on a 10km walk to another waterfall. […]

Etosha Wildlife Park in Namibia

The first place we went on holiday to was Etosha and we saw lots of  animals there including, Zebra, Black Rhino, Giraffe and Lion. I think my favorite moments there was when we saw 22 Giraffe drinking from the waterhole at  the same time.
Joseph Laughton Climbing

Rock Climbing at City Rock

Took the young man rock climbing over the weekend. Joseph Laughton rock climbing was not completely natural at first but our spiderman was soon on his way up and down. Well worth a pop if you are around Cape Town on a weekend when its raining – www.cityrock.co.za.  

Our Easter Holidays

On the first night of our easter holidays we went to a place called Onrus with some friends of josephs and their families. I had my own room away from the rest of the children. It was near a beach which was nice.           After that we went to a tree […]

A day out seeing big cats

Yesterday we saw a Panther, a white lion, two baby tigers – 10 months old, a cheetah and some bunny rabbits. It was amazing!!! I even  got to hold one of the bunny rabbits! The two baby tigers names were Titan and Rebecca. We had a picnic as well afterwards, it was amazing scenery and […]

At the beach

We all went to the beach at the weekend – Noordhoek Beach (around the corner) on the Saturday and then Pater Noster beach on the Sunday. The second photo shows my fathers new hobby of making art from the left over plates after lunch – something that is taking hold across the world as we […]

Zoe and the sand

Taken at the beach in Pater Noster about two hours north of cape town. Sleepy little seaside town

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